EP conveyor belts Manufacturer Supplier Exporter In India

Our very reliable EP conveyor belt is fabricated from of the premium quality polyester material. These are ideally wrapped be means of polyamide in weft. We make our EP conveyor belt in India employing the very latest machineries based on contemporary technology retaining the standards of global quality at each phase of the production procedure. As a result they have the most admirable qualities pertaining to durable nature such as minimal elongation as well as absolute water proof nature &mold-formation resistance. Different productions as well as packaging industries regard them idyllicdue to their resistance toward heat as well asincredible tensile strength as well asextraordinary mechanical strength.

These are rigorously quality examined by our QC department to ensure we supply flawless products to the customers and these have 3 to 10 fabric piles. We offer them in thickness as desired by the customers. We are both closed as well as open ends EP conveyor belt exporter of India. We supply and export them at great price rates.

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