Conveyor Belt India

SORF Conveyor Belt

SORF Conveyor Belt is a very special Conveyor Belt. It is meant for elimination of diverse chip shapes composed of diverse kinds of material while deliveringprecise purification down up to 50 microns. The design has superior upper conveyor forming fulcrum eliminating bigger chips as well as the lower conveyor confiscates minute chips stuck in the conveyor. It is particularly applied by our patrons for management of metal chips. Our conveyors are absolutely bounded and can be sunk in the hollow as well as the chips are gathered in the exterior in a drum or trolley.

These have benefits that are considered as very vital such as enhanced plant aesthetics, better coolant retrieval, and augmented machine job ratio apart from avertingcostly down time of machinery. We offer these at very reasonable costs and these are advantageous considering the act that these are very cost-efficient.

Sorf Conveyor Belt

Advantages of SORF Conveyor Belt:

  • Higher plant aesthetics
  • Greater coolant recovery
  • Increased machine operation ratio
  • Prevent expensive down time of machine tools


  • It may vary depending on type of SORF and coolant conditions.
MTC - 10 ( 1 HP ) MTC - 16 ( 3 HP ) MTC - 20 ( 5 HP )
STEEL 150 l/h or 150 kg/h 500 l/h or 500 kg/h 1000 l/h or 1000 kg/h
CAST IRON 125 l/h or 150 kg/h 420 l/h or 500 kg/h 800 l/ h or 1000 kg/h
ALUMINIUM 150 l/h or 50 kg/h 500 l/h or 170 kg/h 1000 l/h or 350 kg/h
Residual Coolant in Swarf After Centrifuge
Steel/Oil : 1.5% Cast Iron/emulsion : 2.0%
Steel/emulsion: 1.0% Aluminum/Oil : 3.5%
Cast Iron/Oil : 3.0% Aluminum/emulsion : 2.5%
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