Conveyor Belt

What is Conveyor Belt?

A conveyor belt is one of the best mechanical equipment that helps in conveyance of goods and materials in the industries thus helps in making the work processes faster and efficient while saving the labor cost. These are specifically mandatory in bulk production industries and packaging industries where massive, heavyas well as delicate objects have to undergo transport from one spot to another.

Conveyor Belt Supplier

There are numerous types of conveyor belts and industries select them on the basis of their specific requirement. These have two or more pulleys with a ceaseless hoop of transport mediumthat revolves around the pulleys. Generally either or sometimes both of the pulleys are power-driven, causing the belt the stuff on the belt advance frontward.

Why Our Conveyor Belt?

We are the most reputed company as manufacturer and vast varieties of conveyor belts supplierincluding Heavy Duty Conveyor Belt, SORF Conveyor Belt as well as Chevron Conveyor Belt. Numerous industries throughout the globe such as food and beverage industries, textile industries, mines, all types of packaging industriesprefer us over other leading companies because of our stringent quality maintenance, excellent features and several application aspects pertaining to the specific needs of the industry, easy maintenance, toughness, resistance to wear as well as good durability and cost-effectiveness apart from user-friendliness.

Our products are very reliable and worth the price paid by our clients and hence our clients are very much confident in our product sand choose us every time they need conveyor belts.

Type of Conveyor Belt

Slider Bed Conveyors

This category has a smooth surface and is normally composed of steel. The belt is immobile on the surface to assist conveyance of stuff.


Thissort of belt conveyor is idyllic for conveying hot as well as cold objects that cannot be moved manually.

Horizontal Belt Conveyor

The belt of this type of conveyor is quite elasticas well as the completestructure has flooringas sustenance alongside its span.

Roller BedConveyors:

Thesurface for these kinds of belt is rollers and can be conveyedat the mandatoryrapidity of the belt. These belt conveyors are applied when the objects are ladenon them with gravity instead of physical effort.

Incline and Decline Conveyor

Thisvariety of conveyor has a coarseexterior on the belt throughoutinclinationand not at all smooth. This deals more grip to the objectspositioned on the conveyor thus averting them from sliding down on the inclination.


This conveyor has caster wheels to facilitate movement from one location to another. There are diversekinds of conveyors under this categoryfor fulfilling the specificrequirements.

Working Principle of Conveyor Belt

Conveyor belts have simplistic working principledue to which they can serve as conveyance equipment in the industries and making processes easy and faster. There are several categories of conveyor belts and they have the same basic working principle. These comprise of two or additional pulleys that have boundlesscoil of transport means that is the belt that revolvesaround them. Each or sometimes one of the pulleys is powered, causing the belt to move and thus the objects on them get transported from one location to another. This simple yet effective principle helps the objects get easily get transported in the industries.

Function of Conveyor Belt

The chief function of a conveyor belt is to convey objects may be raw material, or material under process or the finished product from one place to another. These are also applied in packaging industries of all category as well as automobile industries.

These are also popular in restaurants these days for conveying food from one table to another. Apart from conveyance from one location to another they are helpful in lifting up the goods over an inclination. Thus they can execute operations that are manually impossible or that takes a long time and effort to do manually. These are very essential to save labor cost while aiding the fast procedure in the industries. These are very useful in cutting costs and enhancing productivity.

Application of Conveyor Belt

Conveyor belts have specific application of transporting them from one spot to another so as to ease the effort and speeded up the work process in the industries. Our conveyer belts are globally applied in diverse kinds of industries such as:

  • Food and beverages Industries
  • Tea Leaf Industries
  • Mines
  • Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Packaging Industries
  • Textile Industries
  • Detergent Industries
  • Wood Industries
  • TyreIndustries
  • Automobile industries

Advantages & Disadvantages of Conveyor Belt

There are several advantages of conveyor belt.

  • They cut down labor cost
  • They Can carry a huge amounts of loads swiftly and easily unlike other means or manually
  • They are apt or some delicate items that are prone to damage
  • Massivequantity is simple to carry with these
  • These enhance the swiftness of the process thus saves a lot of time and enhances productivity
  • These are much efficient and reliable conveyance modes in huge manufacturing units
  • For assembly as well as packaging this makes the process simple and fast as well.

The disadvantages are fewer as compared to other means and mostly annoying only if the quality is not appropriate but our conveyor belts are high in quality and perfectly suited to fit in the specific applications and so are very productive in nature.

Conveyor Belt in India

We are one of the prominent manufacturers of conveyor belt in India. These are composed of great quality belts for diverse industrial applications. Our products are chosen over the other brands because they are laden with excellent features that benefit application as well as are reliable, cost-efficient and user-friendly. Our wide range of these products include the following any many more-

  • Fire Resistant Conveyor Belt
  • EP Conveyor Belt
  • Chemical Resistant Conveyor Belt

These are made with finest basic materials by means of the technologically advanced methods and adhere to the international quality norms. They are quality tested and verified and hence are totally trustworthy and totally affordable.

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